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Get some knowlage about this unique cats

Suzi’s efforts catch the attention of Patrick Kelly. He was so impressed about the new cats that he wanted to develop a new breed with wild-looking spotted coat. Unfortunately neither Wood nor Frank were interested in working on the breed. Kelly bought his first female Savannah cat and contacted with Serval breeder Joyce Sroufe and they joined efforts to develop a new breed. Together they spent many years developing the Savannah breeding program and in 1996 they wrote the Breed Standard for TICA. Finally, after long efforts, in 2001 TICA (The International Cat Association) recognized Savannah as a new experimental breed, and in 2012 as a full-fledged breed was given the status of the Championship, thus giving the opportunity to win titles at the show.

Savannah has a wonderful character. They are extremely intelligent and very friendly. They are very attached to their keepers accompanying them at every step. They are well as family cats and as companions of singles. If they are early accustomed, they can live with other animals and children without problems. They are very loyal to their owners as a result of their somewhat "doggy" disposition. Therefore, it should not be surprising that most of the representative in this breed love to fetch and love water. They are also easy to learn to walk in harness. Savannah cats are very active, so there should have enough toys (otherwise they will try to find their own way to play:-)). Savannahs perfectly feel in the apartments, but two rooms may turn out to be too small for them. These smart and curious cats will steal the heart of anyone who comes in contact with them.

The first eye-catching trait on Savannah is their large, slightly rounded and highset ears. In the back we can see clear markings called ocelli (it varies in depending on the generation and intensity of the color). The eyes should be medium in size, boomerang-shape in upper part and almond-shape in the lower part. The triangular head is placed on a long and slender neck. The body is long and slim, slightly muscular. These cats are tall and their hind legs are slightly longer than the front. They are as big as domestic cats. Another characteristic of this breed is its beautiful color. There are four varieties of color: various shades of brown with tabby black, silver with black tabby, black or black smoke.

General image of Savannah is a slender and dignified cat with distinct spotted markings on the background of various shades of bronze, silver, black or black smoke varieties. These domestic cats inherited many of the characteristics of their African ancestor - but they are smaller.

Savannah is a breed of domestic cat, created by the crossing of a domestic cat (Felis catus) with an African Serval (Leptalurus serval). Cats of this breed distinguish not only beautiful spotted coat but also remarkable intelligence and unique character.


This breed originated from United States, where in 1986 Judy Frank crossed a Siamese female with an African Serval.  From this conection was born a female cat who had domestic cat and Serval traits. Both - the female and the breed were named "Savannah"  - this name was chosen by the Suzi Wood breeder who was involved in the development of these cats.

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