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Welcome on our cattery site !

We are Victoria and Greg.

Cats are present in our lifes almost always. Since childhood they were present in our houses, and love for them was sucked from mother's milk. Novadays we share our lifes with four amazing Savannah cats - two beautiful girls - Laya & Pia and two handsome boys - Klingon & Noodles. They are part of our family and accompany us every step.

Choosing a name for our cattery we decided for "TheCatsAmongUs" - what is an exact description of our life.

We met Savannah cats couple years ago and we were head over heels in love. They charmed us theirs incredible intelligence, a bit doggy-like temperament and incredible, wild-looking coat.

The more time we spent at studying about these unique breed the more our fascination grew. We decided that some day these unusually cats going to join to our family and try to make a contribution of the development of the breed and try to make it more recognizable in our country.

After long preparation and studying about these amazing cats, charming girl Laya joined to our family, and a year after her, brave boy named Klingon.

The priority for us is to provide our cats the best living and health conditions. They are under constant vet care, they are regularly examined, vaccinated and dewormed.

Greg as a certified Cat Behaviorist take care that our cats go through life without fear and anxiety. Our Savannahs love companion of other people and animals, they don't afraid of noises, and travel by car is a normal thing.

Our cattery is member of TICA (The International Cat Association) and Polish Klub Kota  X-Treme.

We are constantly striving to deepen our knowledge and competences by participating in seminars and trainings and following the latest publications about health and breeding cats. Here you can see our certificates.

We live in center of Poland, in a peacefull country-side area among fields and grasslands. Our cats live with us and as full members of the family enjoy the benefits of an entire house that has been adapted to provide their natural needs and instincts. On warm days our whole human-cat family sits down on spacious catio - safe and enclose so our cats can stay outside and out of danger.

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