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We are 18 weeks old!

See how we have changed - look at our new photos !


We are 8 weeks old!

See how big we are already - look at our new photos !


New litter F5 SBT has born !

We are proud to introduce F5 SBT kittens! They said hello to the World on September 24! Laya gave birth to the beautiful, healthy five kittens - two girls and three boys! We are so happy!
For more information visit Kittens page !



We are very pleased to welcome a new member of our family and our future queen - SavannahMatchUp's PIA !


Results at the end of the TICA show season 2018/2019

We are proud to present the results of our kittens:
*TheCatsAmongUs Noisy* - 2nd Best Savannah Kitten Of The Year in the Northern Europe Region (and 11. Internationally),
*TheCatsAmongUs Nugget* - 3rd Best Savannah Kitten Of The Year in the Northern
Europe Region (and 15th Internationally)!
We are so proud of our purring kids!


Cat behaviorist !

We are happy to announce that Grzegorz has completed a specialized course of cat's psychology and behavior modification "Cat: Correct behavior and behavioral disorders", on June 16, 2019 he became a certified Cat Behaviorist. Now we will be able to better care for the development and welfare of our cats! 


Laya in magazine !

A nice surprise at the beginning of the year! In the latest issue of Polish magazine "Moj pies i kot" ( ang. "My dog and cat") there is a photo of our Laya! Nice to see our kitty in print :-)


Merry Christmas !

Let everything go from the Christmas Day for the better, to give you all the strength and the will, to make your life be full of happiness and dreams. Merry Christmas for everyone!


Our cats in calendar !

We are happy to announce that two photos of our cats were chosen for the Savannah Cat Enthusiast calendar!

We are pleased that we could support Savannah Cat Care Fund and Savannah Cat Rescue!

If you like this calendar, you can buy it here :

All proceeds from the sale of these calendars will be donated to Savannah Cat Care Fund and Savannah Cat Rescue!


Seminar for cat breeders once again !

Last Saturday 13/10, again, we went to Wroclaw to take part in the next seminar organized by Educatsja - "Cats. What
the veterinary specialists say about cats".
It took place on the occasion of the XIV  International Congress "Problems in reproduction of small animals".

The topics discussed during the Seminar were:

- Cat's diet and feeding queens during pregnancy and lactation,
- Cat infertility,
- Ultrasonographic monitoring of pregnancy in practice,
- Birthing problems,
- Practical aspects of the caesarean section,
- Newborn physiology and factors affecting the health of the litter,
- Infectious prophylaxis in cats,
- Selected behavioral aspects of cat's reproduction, 
- New possibilities in caring of breeding cats.

The lectures were given by outstanding specialists:
Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Niżański,
dr Małgorzata Ochota,
dr Agnieszka Kurosad,
dr Sylwia Prochowska,
dr Piotr Socha,
dr Tomasz Nowak,
lek. wet. Konrad Kalisz,
lek. wet. Martyna Woszczyło.

Again, we are delighted with the high level and we are very happy that we could learn so many interesting new things!


TICA Cat Show in Warsaw, Poland

Last weekend we went to Warsaw to take a part in the International TICA Cat Show organized by the Klub Kota X-Treme. We spent a great time there. Our kittens got into 6 finals and got nice results! Full results, photos and videos , here - SHOWS.

Have a nice watch!


Seminar for Cat Breeders

Last Saturday, we had the pleasure to participate in the Seminar for Cat Breeders "Selected problems in maintaining pregnancy and rearing kittens". The seminar was organized by Educatsja and the Department of Reproduction at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Wroclaw.

The topics discussed during the Seminar were:
- Physiology of pregnancy and more important problems in its course,
- Proceedings in case of endangered pregnancy and neonatal problems,
- Breeding problems with the eye of a doctor - breeder: infectious and behavioral factors, nutritional and other.

The lectures were given by outstanding specialists:
Prof dr hab. Wojciech Niżański,
Dr Małgorzata Ochota,
Dr Jarosław Mazur.

High level of merit, excellent specialists and  great organization. We are happy that we were could broaden our knowledge!


 F5 SBT kittens available !

We have available three kittens - two boys and one girl.

Please visit KITTENS page !


We have kittens !

We are happy to announce that on 8th April the litter of F5 SBT kittens were born. We have one girl and two boys. Proud parents are DomusFelina Laya of TheCatsAmongUs and SavannahSweden Kindred Klingon. More information soon !


Update !

Our website have been updated of "Guide for Future Owners". You can find it on "Kittens" subpage or by clicking here !


Happy Holidays !

We wish You a healthy, cheerful and full of joy Christmas, many great moments spent in the company of loved ones and many successes in the upcoming New Year!


Welcome on our site !

We want to welcome everyone on our site! We are going to share all news about our cats and cattery. We hope that You will enjoy :)

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